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* NEW! *
THE ENDURANCE OF BURNING or, The Art of the Spiritual Crisis. The experience of "spiritual awakening" is seldom easy or blissful, and may include such experiences as:

  • Mysterious physical symptoms or eruptions of illness that are difficult to diagnose and/or treat by conventional medicine
  • Recurring bouts of depression or emotional disorientation, particularly involving issues of life purpose
  • Fits of irrational anger or grief that are difficult to source to any particular grievance or sorrowful event, and may be globalized
  • Interpersonal difficulties that arise from an abrupt change of direction or purpose for oneself

If you are experiencing these or other puzzling & profound challenges as part of your spiritual discipline, it can be helpful to have an experienced coach to guide you through the rough spots. Read Patrick's feature story "The Endurance of Burning" for more insight before getting in touch for a consultation.

LIVING SPIRITUALLY WITHOUT RELIGION: It's been said that "religion is for those who fear going to hell; spirituality is for those who have been there." Drawing on the four principles of his upcoming book How to Be Spiritual Without Being Religious, Patrick offers coaching and inspiration on Releasing Guilt, Gathering Trust, Practicing Patience, and Learning Transcendence in all realms of life, from personal growth to career to relationships. At a time when more and more people are identifying themselves as 'spiritual but not religious,' it can be helpful to receive expert, experienced guidance on just what constitutes a real spiritual discipline — and what kind of 'real-world' results can be expected from it, without falling into fantasy or egotism in various spiritual disguises. Patrick's own experience draws from a wide variety of studies, experiences, and disciplines (see bio, below) to help his clients and students benefit from what he calls a "practical faith."


THE FORGIVING EDGE: Many people may think that forgiveness is a nice thing to do… or something they should do but really don’t want to… or a last resort when they can’t deal with a painful situation any other way. But very few understand forgiving as an invaluable key to personal clarity, improved communications, and enhanced effectiveness. Drawing from the Seven Steps of Forgiveness in his classic work The Forgiveness Book, Patrick leads workshops and coaches individuals on the practical application of forgiveness in personal life, and its strategic advantages in group work, business, and corporate life. Click here for more details.


EXPERT INSTRUCTION ON 'A COURSE IN MIRACLES': As a student of ACIM for over thirty years, Patrick has authored two significant books on its history, principles, and applications to everyday life. He has also spoken on the subject at numerous conferences and group gatherings, and as a publisher and literary agent, facilitated the publication of several books by other authors in the field. He offers a veteran, non-dogmatic perspective on the most profound alternative spiritual teaching of our times, focused on the experience of "living with miracles" instead of merely thinking about or praying for them.

LITERARY SERVICES: As an editor, publisher, and literary agent, Patrick has assisted hundreds of writers with manuscript development, independent publishing, and placement of their work with mainstream publishing houses. With several associates he now provides expert assistance in Manuscript Assessments, Assisted Publishing, Public Relations, Creative Coaching, and Screenwriting. Whether you are at the idea stage or seeking representation for a finished manuscripts, Fearless Literary offers one or more services that will inspire and accelerate your literary growth. Click here for more details.



D. PATRICK MILLER is the author of a dozen books, two published by Penguin Random House, two by Hampton Roads Publishing, and the rest under the Fearless Books imprint. First trained as an investigative journalist, he began writing about spirituality, human potential, and creativity after a seven-year illness initiated his spiritual path. Since that time he has intensively studied A Course in Miracles, the Enneagram system of personality, Jungian depth psychology, shamanism, and related fields of contemporary spirituality. He has also applied spiritual principles and disciplines intensively in his own life, and written about the results. As a magazine and online journalist, Patrick has written over 100 articles for Yoga Journal, THE SUN, Elephant Journal online, and many other media. He is also the founder of Fearless Books and Literary Services.