How Fearless Books
Got Its Name (and Destiny)

D. Patrick Miller

Not long after becoming a student of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) in the mid-1980s, I became interested in its story, and the people who made that story. My writing career had begun a decade earlier as an investigative journalist — which reflected a mindset of believing that there was something wrong with the world, there must be somebody to blame, and it was up to me to to find out who that was and expose them.

Becoming seriously ill in my early 30s quickly knocked that crap out of me. Becoming a Course student near the beginning of that seven-year transformative crisis raised in my mind the possibility that whatever I saw as “wrong with the world” had mostly to do with how I saw it. The jury would be out on that issue for a few years to come… but I retained a reporter’s instinct about the “real story” behind significant events or social developments.....

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D. PATRICK MILLER is the author of a dozen books, two currently distributed by Penguin Random House, one by Hampton Roads Publishing, and the rest under the Fearless Books imprint. First trained as an investigative journalist, he began writing about spirituality, human potential, and creativity after a seven-year illness initiated his spiritual path. As a magazine and online journalist, he has written over 100 articles for Yoga Journal, THE SUN, Elephant Journal online, and many other media. He is also the founder of Fearless Books and Literary Services, and has helped other authors prepare manuscripts for such major publishers as Viking, Doubleday, Crown, Simon & Schuster, Tarcher Perigee, Hay House, Hampton Roads, and New World Library. He provides manuscript consultations, editing, and professional representation to published and unpublished authors working in fiction and nonfiction. Patrick also helps many writers publish independently. He is a member of the Authors Guild and served as president of the Northern California chapter of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) for six years. He is a semi-professional photographer whose work can be viewed and purchased in multiple media at Fine Art America.