Transformative coaching & consultations to enhance
clarity, communications, and effectiveness


Many people may think that forgiveness is a nice thing to do…
or something they should do but really don’t want to…
or a last resort when they can’t deal with a painful situation any other way.

But very few understand forgiving as an invaluable key to personal clarity,
improved communications, and enhanced effectiveness.


D. Patrick Miller
, author of the THE FORGIVENESS BOOK (now in its 6th edition, continuously in print for 28 years) is making his wealth of experience with the transformative tool of forgiveness available to individuals, groups, small businesses, and corporations who are interested in developing a different kind of “leading edge” in dealing with the problems of business and professional relationships, as well as the personal challenges of inner growth.

If you have any kind of thorny problem of relationship (including relationship to yourself) that’s resisted every other problem-solving approach, forgiveness may hold the key to a solution you haven’t even imagined yet.

For information on private consultations, long-term coaching, and workshops for The Forgiving Edge, e-mail or call 510 684-9531. See fee schedule below.

Read the "Seven Steps of Forgiveness" here.   


"My Forgiveness process with Patrick has been eye-opening and a much more intensive process than I imagined. It's more than a 'head' thing, or just saying 'Okay, I forgive and let's move on.' It's really a life-changing process of shifting how I think. Even still I struggle with letting faulty childhood beliefs trigger me. Through it all, Patrick is helping me with strategies to shift to a healthier, stronger emotional state with weekly tune-ups. I wholeheartedly recommend Patrick's work. His natural gifts of insight infused with quick wit and humor help me to get in touch with my higher self." — SYLVIA RYKER, Accountant

"Patrick Miller’s work with individuals and groups on forgiveness — a practice that springs from his own discipline and devotion to this alchemical process — gives us all a remarkable opportunity to find a way back to our true natures and to rebuild bridges with those we imagined we had lost forever, including ourselves. His coaching is intimate, rigorous, respectful, results-oriented — and revolutionary. From the perspective of our many years of marriage, up to the present where we collaborate as professional colleagues, I can assure you Patrick knows firsthand how forgiveness enables the renewal of relationships. He has created a program that is as simple as it is powerful and life-changing." — LAURIE FOX, novelist and literary agent

“What a gem of a book Patrick has written! As a psychotherapist, I can use THE BOOK OF FORGIVENESS over and over with my clients, who often need to forgive. As a seeker, I learned a lot from reading it. The Seven Steps of Forgiveness are so valuable and clear; the rest of the book reads like the wisdom of Zen masters. It’s uplifting, refreshing and challenging at the same time. The author obviously has walked this journey for a long time, and has left guideposts for those who follow.” — TINA B. TESSINA, "Dr. Romance"


FEE SCHEDULE:$75/hr  •  2 sessions for $140  •  4 sessions for $250  •  10 sessions for $600
Fees are payable in advance and nonrefundable. Organizations of all types are invited to purchase 10-session packages for promotional or employee benefit purposes. Consultations are conducted by phone, Zoom, or in person in the SF Bay area (travel expenses may be added). Reserve sessions by writing Group workshops also available by arrangement.
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"If necessity is the mother of invention,
forgiveness is the midwife of genius."

is a successful author, editor, and literary agent whose publishing career began with the release of A Little Book of Forgiveness (Viking, 1994), re-released in 2017 as The Forgiveness Book by Hampton Roads Publishing. He founded Fearless Books & Literary Services in 1997, producing over a dozen titles and helping hundreds of writers refine their work and take the next best steps toward publication. With the help of a forgiveness discipline, he overcame a serious seven-year illness, lived through a divorce after a 15-year marriage, and has faced many business hurdles as an entrepreneur. Throughout all these challenges, Miller has found the practice of forgiveness to be the key to originality, perseverance, and effective follow-through.

“To find your missing creativity, release a little
of your attachment to the worst injury ever done to you.”