D. PATRICK MILLER is the author of nine books in print, one published by Penguin Random House, two by Hampton Roads Publishing, and six under the Fearless Books imprint. First trained as an investigative journalist, he began writing about spirituality, human potential, and creativity after a seven-year illness initiated his spiritual path. Since that time he has intensively studied A Course in Miracles, the Enneagram system of personality, Jungian depth psychology, shamanism, and related fields of contemporary spirituality.

As a magazine and online journalist, Patrick has written over 100 articles for Yoga Journal, THE SUN, Elephant Journal online, and many other media. He is also the founder of Fearless Books and Literary Services, and has helped other authors prepare manuscripts for such major publishers as Viking, Doubleday, Crown, Simon & Schuster, Tarcher Perigee, Hay House, Hampton Roads, and New World Library. He provides manuscript consultations, editing, assistedpublishing, and professional representation to published and unpublished authors working in fiction and nonfiction. He is also a semi-professional photographer whose work can be viewed at Facebook or ordered in multiple-media reproductions (see below).

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